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  • LUNA Library
    Use the Library to manage all your media items and records. Once content has been uploaded to the system the Library will help you organize your content into collections.
  • LUNA Uploader
    Uploading media items and records is easy. By using batches you can easily track when and where content has been uploaded. The Uploader supports both automatic and manual linking of records with media items. Upload directly to a collection and watch how quickly it can grow.
  • LUNA Viewer
    Once collections are complete and access has been granted they are viewed in the LUNA Viewer.
  • LUNA Administrator
    Control access to collections, user privileges, and other system level options in the administrator tool. Only Admins and Super Admins can access the administrator tool.
  • LUNA Collection Manager
    Collection properties and templates are managed in the Collection Manager. Start building a collection by creating a data schema and collection properties. Then simply upload content with the LUNA Uploader. Return to the Collection Manager any time to edit collection properties such as thumbnail labels, media summary roll over, OAI-PMH settings, ecommerce settings and data schema settings.
  • LUNA Publisher
    For legacy Insight collections onlySharing
    Add public collections from outside sources to your LUNA instance

Tip: LUNA has been optimized for use with Google Chrome and Firefox.