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This is for Ubuntu (debian), you will need to adjust for your flavor of apache.


Apache, mod_proxy/mod_jk2, Tomcat: You can use Apache as the front end to all requests then forward certain URLs or virtual hosts to Tomcat.  This lets you have some content served by Tomcat (e.g. a whole domain, a certain directory on a domain, or your LUNA instance) and other content (e.g. HTML, PHP pages, other websites, etc) served by Apache. 


edit the file:





AJP ports for versions of LUNA and Insight for your vritual server

8009 - v5-v6 Insight's tomcat LunaImaging/6.x/tomcat used for the Media Manager.

ProxyPass /MediaManager ajp://  retry=5

ProxyPassReverse /MediaManager  ajp://  retry=5

8109 - v6 LUNA's tomcat LunaImaging/6.x/LUNA/tomcat used for the LUNA Viewer

ProxyPass /luna ajp:// retry=5

ProxyPassReverse /luna  ajp://  retry=5

8119 - v7 LUNA's tomcat LunaImaging/7.x/LUNA/tomcat  used for the All the LUNA tools.

ProxyPass /luna ajp://localhost:8119/luna retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /luna ajp://localhost:8119/luna retry=5
ProxyPass /editor ajp://localhost:8119/editor retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /editor ajp://localhost:8119/editor retry=5
ProxyPass /uploader ajp://localhost:8119/uploader retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /uploader ajp://localhost:8119/uploader retry=5
ProxyPass /webadmin ajp://localhost:8119/webadmin retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /webadmin ajp://localhost:8119/webadmin retry=5
ProxyPass /MediaManager ajp://localhost:8119/MediaManager retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /MediaManager ajp://localhost:8119/MediaManager retry=5
ProxyPass /MediaProcessor ajp://localhost:8119/MediaProcessor retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /MediaProcessor ajp://localhost:8119/MediaProcessor retry=5
ProxyPass /las ajp://localhost:8119/las retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /las ajp://localhost:8119/las retry=5

ProxyPass /graphics ajp://localhost:8119/graphics retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /graphics ajp://localhost:8119/graphics retry=5

ProxyPass /uv ajp://localhost:8119/uv retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /uv ajp://localhost:8119/uv retry=5

ProxyPass /ll ajp://localhost:8119/ll retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /ll ajp://localhost:8119/ll retry=5



Enable mod's proxy_ajp and proxy_http:

a2enmod proxy_ajp

a2enmod proxy_http

(may need sudo for this. e.g.: sudo a2enmod proxy_ajp)


Restat Apache:

service apache2 restart


Now when a request reaches your server for a domain followed by /luna (or any of the sub-directories LUNA uses: /las, /editor, /webadmin, /uploader) it will push it to tomcat. It is unlikely any of the other domains you host will have any of those as sub-directories so it will not affect them. 




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