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LUNA 7 is compliant with OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting). To make use of this feature you will need to prepare your collections. 


Testing your collection

In the following tests, replace localhost with your LUNA server name and port number.
This first request asks the server to "Identify" itself and returns the repository name and admin email. 
Request: http://localhost:8181/luna/servlet/oai?verb=Identify 

Next, you are asking the system to list all the records "ListIdentifiers" and their unique identifiers. insight63icm~4~4~21~100073 is an example of an identifier. It's made up of the InstitutionID~CollectionID~uniqueCollectionID~ObjectID~MediaID 
Request: http://localhost:8181/luna/servlet/oai?verb=ListIdentifiers&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&set=insight63icm~4~4 
The next request will list the first 50 records using "ListRecords". This will return the content in the form of a URL. 
Request: http://localhost:8181/luna/servlet/oai?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&set=insight63icm~4~4 
If these tests are returning results then your collection is ready to provide access to an OAI harvester. 
You can also test your repository at the OAI Repository Explorer 
To submit your content to a harvester just submit your Base URL. 


Optional Addition of Image URL can be added to the OAI-PMH result

If you would like to allow the harvesting of Image URL's, just follow these instructions. 
In the Application Configuration section of the LUNA Administrator, you can add the Attribute "oaiAdditionalIdentifiers". 

(for showing just URL to detail view)
(for showing URL to detail view, and size 2 URL)
You can add the following

Insight Size



– up to 96 pixels on the long side (Small Thumbnail in LUNA)


– up to 192 pixels on the long side (Medium Thumbnail in LUNA)


– up to 384 pixels on the long side (Large Thumbnail in LUNA)


– up to 768 pixels on the long side


– up to 1536 pixels on the long side


  • Order is consistent with the order of options you enter in the oaiAdditionalIdentifiers
  • Ordering of multiple fields mapped to the same field in Dublin Core.

Instructions for ordering.

In the case where you have multiple fields mapped to the same field in Dublin Core, you may also specify the order these fields are displayed in the response:

Identify the collection you are affecting

Attribute: oaiOrderedStandardName0

Value: LUNA~9~1


Attribute: oaiOrderedStandardFields0

Value: full_title,author,short_title

Attribute: oaiOrderedDCField0

Value: title

In the example above, you are specifying the order of fields for the collection with ID: LUNA~9~1. LUNA is configured so that the fields mapped to "title" in Dublin Core display the values as follows: full_title, author, short title. If there are any other fields besides these three mapped to "title" in this collection, they will come last.

The values for oaiOrderedStandardFields0 and oaiOrderedDCField0 are case-insensitive, oaiOrderedStandardFields0 should be a comma-delimited list of internal field names. Any spaces before or after the comma(s) will be trimmed.


  • If you make the changes here, you will need to restart the LUNA tomcat service.
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