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As of LUNA 7.2 we have built in support for IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework). With the release of 7.2.5 we have implemented the IIIF Presentation API.

This allows you to share and access:

  • Individual items from the Detail View
  • Search results
  • Groups

Also see: What you can do with some IIIF tools

How do I Access IIIF from LUNA

Since IIIF is mostly a behind the scene technology, we wanted to have an easy way for users to find and share contents of their collections with a IIIF compatible viewer.  We used LUNA's Share feature to do this.

Individual items from the Detail View

Open any image or book in the LUNA Viewer Detail View and click Share. You will notice a toggle at the bottom that shows you the IIIF URL.

Use Mirador or other viewer to load this content.


  • You might notice the URL uses the LUNA item identifier like RUMSEY~8~1~291871~90063392. This means if you can generate URL's from these identifiers without using the share menu.
  • This is a IIIF Manifest URL. This is an important distinction because some IIIF viewers only support a Manifest URL such as Mirador.

Search results

Do any search in the LUNA Viewer and you can share the IIIF URL.

Use the Universal Viewer or any viewer that supports IIIF Collection lists 

IIIF Collections are lists of IIIF Manifests. Each Manifest represents a single item. This allows for sharing of content from multiple LUNA collections in one search result.


Any LUNA Group can be shared. Just open the Group and click share. 

Use the Universal Viewer or any viewer that supports IIIF Collection lists 

Groups use the LUNA group ID like in the above example it's sharing group 812. This means you can also create the URL to the groups without opening the share feature.

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