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LUNA v7.1.6+

Use the Custom Thumbnail feature to replace non-image file icons with a different image for display in the LUNA Viewer. Can be used for any non-image files such as PDF, movie, audio and miscellaneous files.

Open non-image file in the Record Editor. To the right you will see a thumbnail icon that represents some type of non-image file.




Hover over the thumbnail with your cursor to expose the "+" icon. Click on it to upload custom thumbnail (upload an jpeg or tif image from your file system) or select a custom thumbnail (select from images that have already been uploaded to the collection in LUNA).



Selecting upload custom thumbnail will open the Custom Thumbnail Selection tab. Once you have found the image you want to use as the custom thumbnail, click the "+" icon in the top right corner of the image. 

When you return to the Record Editor tab you will see that the non-image file has been replaced by the custom thumbnail selected.

Once an image has been used for a custom thumbnail the media will only show with that image. You will not have two items in your collection with that same image.



To remove a custom thumbnail, open the record in the Record Editor. To the right you will see the custom thumbnail displayed instead of the non-image file icon. Hover over the thumbnail with your cursor to expose the trashcan icon. Click on it and select "remove custom thumbnail".

Warning: When removing a custom thumbnail do not select "Delete" unless you want to delete the custom thumbnail and the miscellaneous file simultaneously from the system,. This action can't be undone.



The following icons in the bottom right corner of the custom thumbnail identifies non-image files:



When uploading PDF and movie files, LUNA will automatically use the image on the first page of the PDF or the first screen of a movie file.





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